• Stream Encryption Controllers

    The TF32A09 series has the characteristics of high processing capacity, high security, large capacity storage, rich interface and s

  • Secure MCU

    The series has a high level of integration (BOM cost optimal) with high safety, and low power consumption, and has the whole system

  • Banking Card ICs

    WST launched the world's first banking card IC with advanced 55nm technology, which has passed CC EAL5+ and EMVCo security

  • SIM / Mobile Payment /M2M Controllers

    This series uses cost effective 8bit 8051 core and 32bit CORTUS APS3 core, which covers 176KB-1.5MB flash capacity and supports DES

  • Industrial IOT Controllers

    WST offers series Industrial IoT controllers, which have passed the high security level EMVCo certification, and can be used in sma



WST Launched the Secure MCU Su


On 29th March, 2017 SCA Smart Home Information Security Forum was held in Shanghai. G...

WST 2016 Summary & 2017New Ye


In the afternoon of January 11, 2017, we got together in Tianxinliang Hotel, and...

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